5 DC Stories That Need The Hollywood Treatment

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So last week I was manically reading through all the current story arcs that Marvel have going on (Ends of the Earth/Avengers Vs. X-Men/Etc.) and I put a post out about story arcs that need the movie experience. If you didn’t see it the first time around, you can read it here. It contains some of what I think are the best stories ever written by the team over at Marvel but as I highlight quite a lot in the article, these stories will likely never get a live action version due to different studios owning the rights to different characters.

That got me thinking and I realised that the same cannot be said about DC. Where Marvel’s characters are spread out across Marvel Entertainment, Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox. All of DC’s characters belong to the studio itself, so I got to work on a similar list.

Be warned, the title 5 DC Stories That Need The Hollywood Treatment could be interpreted as misleading. While everything I mention is from DC comics, don’t expect me to include everyone. What it should really say is DC Stories Set In The Batverse. The reason being is that this is my blog and while I try to include all different types of comic book news, I’m not the biggest DC fan. While I have been known to dabble with a bit of Aquaman and Teen Titans, most of my knowledge lies with Batman and the characters within his universe.

Night Of The Owls

To kick things off, I’ll dive straight in with a current one. Night of the Owls, if you didn’t already know, is the story arc that Batman has been following since the relaunch last year. It see’s The Caped Crusader taking on an ancient league of undead assassins that have been controlling Gotham from behind the scenes for centuries in a very Illuminati fashion. Writer, Scott Snyder, has claimed that NOTO is the first in a series of three stories following the Court of Owls whilst also adding a brand new level of depth to the history of Gotham and of the Wayne Family.

The story arc takes place right across the Batman Universe with crossovers telling the story from other points of view such as Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman, Batgirl, Batwing, Red Hood and Birds of Prey making it quite an immense story to try and grasp, especially when you find out that it is said to have happened in the space of one night. With all of those tie-ins, it could be difficult to make a movie shorter than the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (with the 10th anniversary bonus content) but I’m all for it if they want to turn it into a whole series of movies.

The Night of the Owls finale comes out next month.

Nightwing: A Darker Shade Of Justice

It wouldn’t be a DC wish list without a bit of Nightwing in there. Nightwing has fast become my favourite of all members of the Batman family. A Darker Shade Of Justice story arc is basically his first big outing by himself after a grown-up Robin decides it’s time to stop living in the shadow of the bat and take on his own identity. He takes the small island of Blüdhaven as his beat and goes off to fight crime by himself.

I said before that I wouldn’t be including other members of the DC cast in my list but Superman is amongst the antagonists in this story. After events drive a multitude of villains into Blüdhaven, Nightwing has to take back Blackgate Penitentiary from a group of violent criminals.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Nightwing got cast in his own movie in the near future. There has been a lot of back-and-forth with Christopher Nolan and The Dark Knight trilogy (or is it a series?) Many sources are claiming that Nolan will be staying on to create more movies but the latest from Chris himself is that this is absolutely his last Batman film but with all the confusion, I have a theory that The Dark Knight Rises will be his last Batman flick but that he will return in the same universe with the mysterious John Blake taking the Nightwing mantle, making this the perfect place to start.


10 years ago, Jeph Loeb penned the awesome Batman : Hush. A story with so many villains that it’s tricky to know what’s actually going on. With villainy showing up in the form of Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, Joker, Harley Quinn, Riddler, Clayface, a mysterious man wrapped in bandages and for a brief time, Superman as well as notable appearances from Nightwing, Catwoman and Ra’s Al Ghul.

The story is quite unique in that the two main villains come together over a mutual hatred of different people. One wants to destroy Batman while the other wants to take revenge on Bruce Wayne for something his father had once done.

Of course, the number of villains would have to be cut down to make a film that non-comic fans would be able to follow. In fact there’s only really 2 that need to stay and the rest could quite easily be replaced with average henchmen.

Catwoman: Relentless

Obviously, I couldn’t have all of my choices so Batman centred and it’s about time Catwoman had a film with more of a plot than Hally Berry in skin tight leather. To those who don’t follow the books, Catwoman is just a way to sex up the series but really, Selina’s adventures are some of the grittiest you’ll find in the Batverse and Relentless is no different. After making a few enemies with Gotham’s grizzliest gangsters, super villain Black Mask has a go at taking her down a peg or two by targeting those closest to her.

If Nolan’s Batman universe is going to continue after The Dark Knight trilogy, this is the only story I could see being used in a Catwoman movie. Blackmask is one of those Batman villains who is slightly more realistic and could fit well in Nolan’s universe, in fact for a while I even toyed with the idea of him being a secret villain in The Dark Knight Rises (it could happen.)

I highly recommend this story as long as you don’t mind a lot of violence.

Gotham Central

My last choice is a little different to the stories above. For a start, this isn’t a story arc. Gotham Central is an entire series in itself but more importantly this isn’t a super hero story, this is a crime drama following the police of Gotham city as they look for a missing person. The book follows a team of GCPD officers trying to do their job in the shadow of vigilantes like Batman. There are still a number of cameos from people like Mr.Freeze the villain at work in this case is no criminal mastermind with suspects ranging from neglectful parents to the angry homeless man who lives in the park.

While the story is much slower than the usual action packed exploits of Gotham City, it deals with much more human issues while never letting you forget that Batman could be lurking around every corner.


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  1. Most of these (except maybe for Catwoman) seem like they’d work better as TV series, actually (in the high-production-value style a la cable, anyway, as opposed to low-budget CW… :P).

    • The problem with series is that they are often aimed at a much younger audience. (Just look at Marvel’s Avengers and Spider-Man series) but if they want to make a Gotham Central series, I’m all for it!

      • Oh, in terms of animated series, yeah, I would agree with that… though Batman: Under the Red Hood is definitely *not* for kids!

        I was thinking more along the lines of a live-action series, actually. But to be done well, it’d need a decent budget (I’m thinking along the lines of Lost, Game of Thrones – which, heh, is very wishful).

        • That would be good. I think Warner Bros. are afraid of throwing money at anything DC after the flops that have been Superman Returns, Catwoman and Green Lantern.

          I guess we’ll have to settle for Arrow for the time being.

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