Casting The Wonder Woman Movie

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Okay, so this is slightly premature but with the recent success of Man Of Steel, Warner Bros. and DC have certainly been looking at setting the wheels in motion on their very own movie universe.

The most recent whispers are that we will see a sequel to Man Of Steel and one other solo title before the rumoured Justice League team-up in 2015 (as well as Guillermo Del Toro’s Justice League Dark) which will allow them to gauge fan’s reaction to the rebooted Batman and whether to launch into a new Batman franchise after the team-up.

Personally I can’t see the secret solo title being anything other than Wonder Woman – and I actually think the Justice League movie will turn out to be a World’s Finest or Trinity title as opposed to full JL feature.

So, I was challenged with casting my very own Wonder Woman. These are my choices;

Adrianne Palicki

Having already accepted the role as Amazonian warrior once in the ill-fated Wonder Woman TV show that NBC decided not to pursue back in 2011, it’s likely a lot of people have already considered her for the role.

As a Hollywood nobody back then, she has since featured in the GI Joe movies and given their lack of popularity, that probably puts her at the perfect level of obscurity to be picked up as the next big thing in geek cinema.

Plus she’s already tried the costume on…

Jaimie Alexander

Another name that’s no stranger to these fan-casts, having shown that she knows her way around the role of a warrior as Sif in Thor, Jaimie has been at the top of many Wonder Woman wish lists for quite some time.

Unfortunately, it’s almost guaranteed that Marvel have a clause in their contracts saying that if they work on any DC property, they’ll lose their thumbs.



Gemma Arterton

Another name that’s been gathering lots of attention recently, Gemma Arterton has shown that she’s no stranger to physically demanding roles after appearing in Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and gaining her geek stars as the female lead in Prince of Persia.

Clearly, I’m not the only person who’s thought about this one as there are a few photoshopped images of her donning the iconic get-up dotted about the internet. The only thing that leaves me doubting this is the overly-British accent.



Olivia Wilde

Another geek film alumni with major roles in both Tron: Legacy and Cowboys Vs. Aliens, Olivia Wilde is a name that hovers around the various rumour mills in regards to the next big movie. A lot of people have her pegged to appear as Wasp in Ant-Man or Avengers 2 (which I would be 100% okay with) however, often playing characters who take charge or simply don’t like being told what to do, the role of Diana Prince would suit her much better.

With a few comedy roles under her belt too, it would be great to show the Amazonian who clearly doesn’t understand modern day America (in a similar way that Marvel did with Thor) providing DC choose to inject a bit of humour into their movies.

There are no pictures of her looking battle-ready, so here's one of her as Quorra instead.

There are no pictures of her looking battle-ready, so here’s one of her as Quorra instead.

So that was just a snapshot – I could have gone on… But wait, I wasn’t the only one offering up suggestions. Here’s some ideas that you lot were sharing on Twitter;

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