The Death of Wolverine

The Death of Wolverine: Marvel aren’t really going to kill him, are they?

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The Death of Wolverine is coming, not to be confused with The Death of Wolverine that we already had in 2008, Marvel have confirmed that Wolverine will meet his maker in a new, weekly series starting this September.

So for anyone not update to date with the current Wolverine series written by Paul Cornell here’s a quick recap:

  1. A Sentient virus from the micro-verse stripped him of his healing factor
  2. He then started acting very out of character
  3. Got his ass kicked and lost faith in himself
  4. Decided to go undercover for S.H.I.E.L.D.

Now that we’re all caught up let’s talk about the upcoming event and how it might not be what’s advertised. See, I have this theory that The Death of Wolverine is just a way of phrasing what is about to happen to raise interest and put people off the scent of what’s truly going to happen.

Over the years characters have sometimes displayed a habit of treating Wolverine and Logan as two separate entities, Wolverine is the animal, the killer, Weapon X and Logan is the man fighting to be better, to be a hero and as Jessica Drew once put it; “The most screwed over person in the in the history of the universe”.

The last few years have focused mainly on the Logan side of the character and how he tries to better himself some of them fairly small things like having and actual loving relationship with a woman to pretty big things like splitting the X-men in two over a moral dispute with Cyclops and opening the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. That is what I think this series is going to focus on; Logan finally putting to rest the darker side of himself and being the man he hasn’t gotten to be for the last 100+ years.

There is evidence to support this too it’s not just me trying to sound smart, anyone who read the first ‘season’ of Wolverine and the X-men will know that towards the end there was a number of stories set in the future showing a visibly older Logan still running the school as headmaster and seemingly living a decent life doing so. Now I am aware that looking to time travel in comics for an idea of how things might go seem counterproductive *cough* Uncanny Avengers *cough* but I can see no other reason to show him as having aged in these stores if not to drop the hint that the Death of Wolverine is more than we are being lead to believe.

All this aside it would be a nice twist to the comic book death trope that fans are now so jaded with to see it actually mean something again albeit not as literal as you’d think. Besides Marvel would be insane to really kill one of their most iconic and best-selling characters I mean it would be like killing Peter Parker… Oh wait.

It’s like Tom Brevoort said on his Q and A blog earlier today, “People are attracted when big, exciting things are happening (or seem to be happening)” 

What do you think? Is this curtain call for Logan or just a wordplay and a cheap marketing ploy?

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