Deadpool Needs Your Help!

Deadpool Needs You!

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Yes, you read correctly. The merc with a mouth has gotten into a bit of a pickle and needs your help!

Rubbish DeadpoolNo, not that Deadpool! That Deadpool can rot for all I care.

The Deadpool I’m referring to is the one we’ve recently seen running around, featuring in his very own web series created by Blinky Productions.

Yes, the news hit yesterday that Marvel Entertainment have been knocking at the door requesting that the fan made series be removed from Youtube and production of any future instalments be halted.

"You Have Failed Me Brain"

Do. Not. Understand.

My best guess is that Marvel have some plans of their own for the character to accompany the video game┬ábut even so, this is a fan made production. As far as I’m aware nobody is making any money out of the use of this character and so it is up to us to save the loveable loudmouth before Ryan Reynolds gets near him again.

How do we do that? By clicking the link below, signing the petition and sharing it with everyone you’ve ever made eye contact with.

Save The Deadpool Web Series Petition



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