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Gotham Academy #4 Review

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Reviews eh? One assholes opinion of something.

Hey! I’m an asshole, and I’ve got an opinion so why don’t I write a review? Problem: I can’t write and I don’t read reviews so have no idea how they’re structured. However Gotham Academy #4 landed in my Inbox and I feel obliged to write some words about it, I’m not but I feel like I am so I’m gonna give it a go.

WARNING POTENTIONAL SPOILERS AHEAD (also probably foul language)

Every month Gotham Academy blows me away, it, along with Batgirl it’s the refreshing change the Bat family books needed, a real step away from the dreary dark and damp rooftops of Gotham City. Don’t get me wrong I fucking love Batman and his dark damp rooftops and have done since I got the 1986 Annual all those years ago, this is just refreshing. It’s not just the perfectly suited Art of Karl Kerschl and the string of colourists (Geyser, McCaig, Rauch, Msassyk, LaPointe) that makes this the first book I want to read when I get my pull (I usually gravitate to Art over Story). If I’m honest, with this it’s mostly the writing.

Every issue so far has been perfectly paced and #4 is no different. It finishes exactly where it should and never feels like it’s been filled out or cut short to get you there within the page count. With each turn of the page you wonder if this is when you’re going to find out about X, Y or Z? Or Q, R, S, T as well in Gotham Academy’s case. Each book has added more questions, who is Olives Mum? What happened over the summer? Is the Ghost of Millie Jane real?

Well….. Let me tell you, a question is answered (YAY) but more are asked (AARRRGGGH). Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher are writing a comic that makes you dream up theories and crave the next instalment.

With a great cast of characters (Who doesn’t LOVE Maps?!), Fantastic Art and colours and a story more addictive than Crack you not only should be reading this, you NEED to be reading this.

Gotham Academy #4 is out Wednesday 28th January, don’t be a Dick, go and buy it.

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