The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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Due to all of the footage left on the cutting room floor, Marc Webb’s first Spider-Man film was loaded with half answered questions leavingĀ a lot of people eagerly awaiting Peter Parker’s return ever since and finally, Spider-Man is back but a lot’s changed since Andrew Garfield’s arachnid inception, not least the inclusion of a classic suit.

They did to the rest of the film, what they did to the suit; brighter colours and bigger eyes.

That’s my big gripe with Garfield and co’s sophomore outing. This is obviously the team trying to respond to the criticism the first film received and while there’s nothing wrong with that, it alienates fans of the last one. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 felt more akin to Raimi’s sickly-sweet offerings than the image of a Spider-Man grounded in the present day that Marc Webb has talked about so much.

It was disjointed, often flitting between a dark and depressing tone (similar to the first film) and slightly bizarre video game hues, in fact, I’m fairly certain the final scene is a direct rip-off of the last mission in the first Amazing Spider-Man video game.

With the recently announced plans for a Sinister Six and a Venom spin-off, it felt very busy at times and some elements could have been done different or left out completely – mainly the hauntings of Captain Stacy whose apparitions throw Peter and Gwen’s relationship on and off more times than I can count.

For the most part, the Peter/Gwen scenes were great, being a couple off-set as well, there was a genuine playfulness in the relationship but going from off at the end of TASM to back on at the start of TASM2, then off again within 10 minutes and then somewhere in between for the rest of the film – the story behind their comedic interactions was less than enthralling.

With all that said though, it’s a Spider-Man film and there is no scenario where I would advise against seeing a Spider-Man film. The story was perfect, very true to the source material (if slightly refreshed at times) and for the first time in a Spider-Man film, the intentions going forward are made clear with lots of exciting easter eggs to serve the eagle-eyed Spider-Fan.
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