Rachael Smith - House Party

Review: ‘House Party’ – by Rachael Smith

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You may remember that back in March we spoke to Rachael Smith about her new book House Party.

Since then, the book has been funded and today sees it’s launch.
House Party follows the lives of Neil, Siobhan and Michelle. Disillusioned by life post-university, the group are struggling to bridge the gap between who they were and who they’re supposed to be now and decide to remedy this by reliving their former days and partying with a horde of students.
Rachael Smith - House Party
It’s Rachael’s longest piece of published work to date and whereas a lot of cartoonists struggle to keep up the momentum when working on a longer story, this is the best book Rachael has ever produced.
The story is a much more real problem than seen in The Way We Write and I Am Fire and comes with buckets of self reflection while also not abandoning the absurd humour you’d expect.┬áIn fact, this book was one of a very select few that actually had me laughing out loud. As I said on Twitter, it’s like a quintessentially British version of Scott Pilgrim.
On top of the kick-ass story, the artwork has improved since her last release to display a vastly differing set of character designs and much more exaggerated, almost animated movements and obvious personalities.The only problem is Smith’s uncanny ability to write really grotesquely unlikable characters.

Want your own copy? You can pick it up from Great Beast HERE

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