Review: iHero #1

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iHero begins with a premise that “Pear” has invented a device that gives humanity superpowers through the use of the ‘iHero’ device.

But as they say, ‘With great power comes great responsibility”. Soon it’s clear that the iHero is not something that should be dished out to everyone as a commercial item.

That’s where the story begins as a crime wave begins as people discover that the powers can be used for ill means. But what’s great is when the superhero powers are shown in everyday circumstances, what would happen if you had superpowers and used them in work?

We then see an original superhero forming a group to help guide the new generation of tech created superheroes, featuring characters that give a sense of deja vu…

There are a lot of great ideas in this issue, and it is a good start to what could be a long running story but certain parts could have been expanded upon and made a little tighter to flow into the story better.

There was no induction to the actual tech of the iHero, the creation and ideas of what made it come about. All we see is when it appears on the market. The origin story of protagonist, Icon felt like it was just slotted into the middle and interrupted the flow of the comic.

The writing holds up well and the dialogue between characters seems to be thought out and reflects well on the story. The art style is slightly amateur but that’s what made it so likeable for me. Small flaws aside I did enjoy reading iHero and look forward to see what the second issue brings, hopefully expanding on the ideas already shown in the first.

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