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Review – Undertow #1

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undertow-01 - Image Comics - ReviewWith the first issue hitting shelves this Wednesday, I read through new Image book, Undertow. 

Undertow is a new fantasy adventure miniseries by Steve Orlando set in an alternate reality where humans are still teetering on the edge of greatness and Atlantis is a global superpower.

The book follows Ukinni Alal, a young Atlantean who grew tired of the materialistic society that raised him and enlisted with the rebellion when he comes face to face with Redum Anshargal, the leader of the Rebellion.

Artyom Trakhanov’s art is superb & matched up with a great colour palette, though the light blues of the ocean make it difficult to read the white text in a lot of the early panels.

Another problem with the earlier scenes is having lots of similar looking characters introduced before being offered any context. This wouldn’t have been a problem on screen but in the comic book medium it can be difficult to differentiate between characters.

After a slow start, the book finds it feet as Orlando divulges more information as to what Anshargal’s plans are and where the series will be going. Undertow presents big ideas and hopefully the series will make more sense with future issues but this presents a few too many questions and answers too few for a brand new series.

Undertow #1 will be released February 19th 2014 by Image Comics
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