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Review: Vanguard

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Vanguard is a British web-comic following a team of people who have superpowers or have been given “meta-gene enhancement” and follows the missions and adventures they get involved in.

To start we are introduced to the numerous individual British superheroes via some really creative character cards. Detailed descriptions really make the characters come to life before we have even begun!

The comic is delivered (like most web-comics) page-by-page, with an update each week. Creator/Illustrator/Writer Dan Butcher has clearly put a lot of effort in from the word go and it really does show. The backgrounds are detailed and only add to the storyline along with the shadow and colour work.

Dan has created a story that is compelling and draws you in. Dialogue between the characters has been clearly and precisely thought out and you really do notice the differences in character’s personalities and how they would answer something compared to others.

The first few strips draw you in with intrigue and mystery and once I started with the story, I couldn’t stop flicking through the pages until I had finished and I will be checking back every week for the latest page!

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