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Review: Wu Wei

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Wu Wei is a Taoist term meaning non-action. To practice Wu Wei is to act in a natural way and reveal one’s own nature.

Wu Wei is also an anthology put together by Mike Medaglia that gives writers & artists a space to creatively explore spirituality through the medium of comics and this is my review.

Created by 27 creators all with very different styles, you’ll find all sorts from the inspirational, the educational and the bizarre spread across the 100 page book.

As with all anthologies, there’s a lot of variety in the book with entries ranging from traditional comics to splash pages and poetry and with a topic as all-encompassing as Wu Wei you’ll see everything from tales about legendary folk character, Nasrudin to the teachings of a “spuddist” potato.

These changes in tone are to the book’s advantage though, as Lizz Lunney’s comedic splash pages help to ground the book in between some of the more intense teachings found within the pages.

The medium itself is even challenged as the book comes complete with a removable origami comic that forces you to build the pages before you can read it and a large concertina page in the back of the book.

I was a little unsure of where to start when tackling this review due to my complete novice status when it comes to Taoist teachings and while I’m sure there’s a lot more to it than what I took from the book, Wu Wei is a great way to jump in to subject that can seem daunting from the outside while retaining all the charm of a fictional narrative. Something I’d like to see done for more topics.

My personal favourites are Alex Pott’s “My Computer Is A Bastard” and “Meditation Stops You Going Mental”

To find out more about the book, buy your own copy or find out more about Mike’s other work, check out his website.

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