The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Theories

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It’s been a while since we’ve had some good, old fashioned speculation here on the site so I thought I’d dive right in and read off my predictions for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie sequels.

The last time we spoke about the sophomore movie in this series, I went on a little bit of a tangent about why I was sort of dreading it. Well, since then it’s been announced that the character of Mary Jane Watson has been cut from the film and somehow that alone has made me feel much less anxious about the outcome of this movie.

The news that MJ would be held back until the last movie seemed odd, for such a big character  but it wasn’t long until they announced the proposed release dates for movies 3 AND (as yet unannounced) 4!

This was another thing that worried me, the possibility of Sony turning a much loved character into a cash cow but then I got thinking about where they could take it and now I’m rather excited!

(Spoilers, obvz)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

So far with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 we have Elektro, Rhino, Green Goblin and rumour has it, they’ll be introducing Vulture.

Obviously, that’s a huge roster and it’s hard to pinpoint who the main bad guy will be, though hints that we’ll be seeing The Death Of Gwen Stacy play out seem to point to the focus being around Green Goblin, which is understandable with his role as the leader of the Sinister Six.

Which leads me to;

The Amazing Spider-Man 3

Obviously we’re on our way to a Sinister Six, if they brought back Lizard we’d only need one more villain for a full line-up but then you just need to find an adequate story to tell.

So far, with looks at Elektro and Rhino, Marc Webb seems to leaning towards an Ultimate Universe and so I was thinking about what the best, biggest story they could do from that universe and obviously, there’s only one answer really… The Death Of Spider-Man

It’s my all-time favourite Spider-Man story and would keep in the tone of the other films, but there’s one problem, I can hear you saying it…

“What about the fourth film?”

Well, that’s easy isn’t it? No, Not Marvel Zombies! Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man!

The Amazing Spider-Man 4

If you’ve read The Death Of Spider-Man, you’ll probably remember that we got our first shot of Miles Morales wearing a Spider-Man halloween costume while perching on a rooftop and watching Peter Parker die at the hands of the Sinister Six.

This would allow for Sony to take a Marvel-esqe approach to foreshadowing and announce the Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man movie & Miles Morales casting as a surprise within TASM3 before launching into the full Miles story with the fourth film.

Knowing Sony as the money-grabbing maniacs they are, this would probably be used to gauge fan reaction and decide whether to launch into a new franchise.

Perhaps TAS4 will be retitled Ultimate Spider-Man before it’s release in 2017?

Anyway, what are your thoughts?



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    • To be honest, the Miles Morales story is a different Spider-Man origin story.

      I wouldn’t care if they made a new Spider-Man origin every year. I can’t get enough of ol’ webs!

  1. Nooooo!! The movies are the only place left with Peter Parker! Because I choose to pretend the Ultimate Spider-man cartoondoes not exist…

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