The Problem With Superman …And How To Solve It

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I’ve been neglecting this blog recently and so to make up for it, I’ve chosen to do something a bit different.

Anyone that has ever spoken to me about Superman will know that I really, really hate the character. Sure, Man Of Steel is looking set to be a must-see and I’ll be sure to pick up Scott Snyder’s new series but that’s because of the incredible work Snyder has done on Batman. The reason I hate Kal-El is due to how ridiculous the character is.If you think about it, his creation MUST have started off as a joke.

“He’s an alien, but he’s the last one of his kind. He can fly, run super fast, he’s super strong and bullet proof, has x-ray vision and super hearing. Oh! and because that might leave him with some weaknesses, we’ve given him lasers that he can shoot from his eyes. “

Yawn… and if that wasn’t enough, he has no personality!

There are 2 ways that DC could have gone to make this character pleasing to me.

  1. Strip some of the powers, focus more on Clark and make it relatable
  2. Focus more on the alien side of things

But what DC actually chose to do was sit on the fence and made a character that neither Humans or Kryptonians could fully get behind.

…and so, inspired by the fantastic Project:Rooftop, I wanted to share my own ideas on re-imagining Clark Kent’s alter-ego. So without further ado, here is my take on Kal-El. (Be nice!)

So I should probably explain what the hell I’ve done to the poster boy of comic books. I’ve already used the word re-imagining and I want to point out that this isn’t a straight forward redesign, this is a complete refresh. I apologise for the mediocre art, this was drawn on an iPad.

As I said, DC had 2 options, in my head the character works better if you focus on the alien side of things and in my take on things I focused on what happened on Krypton prior to him being shipped off to earth.

In numerous tellings, Krypton is an ice-covered planet so I decided that Kryptonian’s environmental adaptation would have evolved them to have a dark grey, almost black skin to keep body heat in (similar to the polar bear.)

At the time of it’s destruction, the planet was going through a civil war so I decided to place religion right in the centre of the argument and rather than having Kal-El as a prince, I ┬ámade him a figurehead for this religion by covering his arms with weird blue symbols (he’s essentially the Jesus of Krypton) You’ll also notice one of those symbols makes up my redesigned Superman ‘S’ on the belt buckle.

The religious element lifted Kal-El to royalty-like status on the planet until the civil war broke and he was eventually banished from Krypton and sent out into space. Obviously, being sent out into space he might not be able to survive so I gave him a bit of breathing apparatus. Other than that are just cosmetic things, such as the red eyes. These are as I imagine it would take more energy to hold back a laser beam than it would to fire one – sort of like Cyclops.

…and finally, I chopped off the ridiculous quiff as that would just be impractical for racing around at super speed and flying.


Obviously, this is just a bit of fun and a bit of a rant about why I can’t bring myself to read Superman but it would be create to get your opinion and if you’re from DC, yes we can talk.

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