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Review – The White Suits #1

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The White Suits - Dark Horse Comics - ReviewAhead of it’s launch tomorrow, I was given the opportunity to read the first issue of new Dark Horse comic, The White Suits.

The White Suits is the latest book from the mind of Frank J. Barbiere. It’s a violent crime drama set in the seedy back alleys of New York’s criminal underworld.

Brought to life with artwork by Toby Cypress, the first weaves together the story of an amnesiac struggling to figure out his dark past, a mysterious woman, a slew of brutish mobsters and the book’s title characters; a pack of seemingly impossible assassins known only as The White Suits – it is a jam-packed first issue.

Unfortunately, there are hints that having this much going on could be this miniseries’ downfall. Some panels in the book’s opening are very text-heavy and while Cypress nails the artwork, the colour palette is extremely limited and can make it hard to keep up when the action jumps between characters.

That said, of the 22 pages I only found myself having to pause and figure out what had happened once or twice and in the book’s second half the pacing is vastly improved leaving you jonesing for more when the reach the cliffhanger ending.


The White Suits #1 will be released February 19th 2014 from Dark Horses Comics
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