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What If… Falcon Became Captain America?

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Before we kick things off, I just wanted to take a second to welcome our new writer. This is his first post and he basically just got what I was trying to achieve with CBK right from the get go, so say hi, read the post and follow him on Twitter. Also, expect more from me below!

We all know Sam Wilson as the faithful Avenger, the always reliable partner of Steve Rogers and all around hero.  The guy is the definition of the team player.  He’s been a sidekick/partner for most of his career and unlike other characters, like Hawkeye, does not balk at being told what to do. In fact his role in the new iteration of Mighty Avengers is that of the quinessential team player.  He’s the guy used to following orders, not necessarily questioning authority.  But what happens when things change?  What happens when the situation is so dire that Sam is forced to take up the mantle of a fallen comrade, when he’s forced to take a look at not only the man he was, but at the man he needs to become.  What if…Falcon became Captain America?


During Fear Itself when Bucky dies it freed up the shield for Steve’s return, but only because Steve himself had been recently resurrected.  Imagine if Steve never returned. Bucky would’ve continued to be Captain America but when he dies at Sin’s hands there wouldn’t be anyone there to immediately pick up the slack.  Enter Sam Wilson, who at this point would have lost both of his partners to the hands of both versions of the Red Skull.  Even for a guy who has made a living out of being an adult sidekick this would be enough to make him stand up.  Who else out there would really appreciate the need for a Captain America and would respect the cowl and shield as much as the guy who’s spent his whole life idolizing and watching the back of the men wearing it?

This would only serve to make the dynamic between the Red Skull and Captain America even more personal.  Both Red Skull and his daughter  would taken some of the closest people in Sam’s life from him.  Sam would be driven not only out of desire to honour his best friends but to avenge them as well.  On the flip side, Red Skull would see it as the ultimate insult to see the mantle of his greatest enemy worn by a black man.  The Skull’s racist proclivities are not new, but one of the interesting aspects of his relationship with Steve was how much he secretly longed to be him.  Steve the Super Soldier represented the ubermench, the perfect Nazi ideal.  In a weird way Red Skull coveted Steve, wanting to BE him on my levels (actually achieving this on a few occasions).  This made Steve a more than competent foe in his eyes. In many ways he could rationalize losing to him because he’s the Aryan dream realized, just fighting for the wrong side.  All of that goes out of the window with Sam.  A genetic inferior daring to wear the mantle of his greatest enemy? Daring to think that he could hope to match the glory of the Red Skull?  You could not ask for better drama.

Being the ultimate team player means Sam has close relationships with not only the Avengers and SHIELD, but most of the superhero community.  From the jungles of Wakanda to the streets of Harlem he has no shortage of friends to both back him up and provide him with guidance.  Outside of a few characters who may give him grief (looking at you Hawkeye) Falcon has the respect of most of the superheroes.  In actuality, his biggest challenge would come from Sam himself.   Falcon is a team player, Captain America is a leader.  Being the guy who’s used to looking down on people (literally, he spends his time up in the sky) he’ll need time to adjust to being the person people look to for guidance.  And thats fine, watching Sam become that person will be the real story.   Also, having the Falcon becoming Captain America is not only a mark for diversity and reflective of the society we inhabit, his initial uncomfortableness in the role he’s thrust into is just so human, its something everyone at some point in time can relate to.

And seriously, how bad ass would it be to see Red Skull defeated by a bunch of bald eagles?  That alone is worth the price of admission.


Hey, Adam again! So when we were discussing this post, Prince sent a big chunk of ideas on what the redesigned suit would be like while stating that he was “no artist” well, I’m no artist either but I took the opportunity to have a bash at drawing something up.

It’s a little easier to digest than just words but just for reference, these were the notes Prince sent;

“For the look I was thinking of integrating some elements of Falcon’s current look into his outfit.  Darker blues, while working a bird motiff in there somewhere (maybe on his chest somewhere).  He could repurpose his hard light wings into a winged shield.”
So without further ado, meet Sam ‘Captain America’ Wilson!!
Marvel Falcon as Captain America
The outline comes from this illustration by Calamity Jon because I am rubbish.
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  1. That is an unbelievably cool idea. Wish you’d taken on an actual artist [maybe one of the Project Rooftop guys] to do the design, though.

    Seriously, so cool.

    • All credit goes to Prince for the idea.

      I’m kind of insulted about the art comment though, haha! I’d love to get this in front of Dean and the other guys at Project Rooftop to see what they think!

  2. I imagine the Red Skull’s reaction would be similar to Captain Sunshine’s when the Monarch wore Wonderboy’s outfit.

    Also, thank you for not calling Sam Wilson’s Captain America ‘Uncle Sam’.

  3. sam was cap for an issue in sentinel of liberty the 2nd mark waid cap book that didnt last very long. good article. thanks

  4. Thanks for the feedback Evan. Just an idea that was floating around in my head that Adam encouraged me to run with. I think he did a bomb job with the design though. Managed to get exactly what I was going for.

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